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Fixed maintenance?

condormancondorman Posts: 811
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I've taken the plunge and have started riding a fixed for my commute. I thought the front wheel needed truing but then realised that the nuts were loose!

What sort of checks/maintenance should I be doing on a regular basis and should I use something like loctite thread glue on the wheel nuts or do I just need to do them up tighter and, if so, how tight? What about checking chain wear - is it the same as for a geared bike?

Sorry for the dumb questions but I'm enjoying riding fixed and would llike to continue doing so safely - grateful for any replies. I'm off to practice my trackstands ...
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  • DustineDustine Posts: 184
    Im new to fixed riding, but my long experience of single speed riding suggests that you will get through chains far far faster than on a geared bike. Probably even more so since its stretching when youre braking with your legs too. Other than that my maintainance regime is the same for all my bikes- check the wheel nuts/QR are tight up (especially after the bike has been in the bike shed all day- you get some funny malicious beggars...), clean chain weekly, oil every few days depending on the weather, load headset with new grease twice yearly, true wheels/ adjust brakes as required. I commute 5 days a week, about 100 miles total, and stuff lasts ok. Im sure i could be more diligent, but then i also have a colleague who has cleaned his bike once since he bought it 18 months ago, and it still gets him to work....
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    The main thing is keeping your chain clean and making sure chain tension is OK - there should only be about 1cm of vertical movement half-way along the chain - too sloppy and it can jump off, too tight and you'll wear it out in no time. You shouldn't need Loctite if using proper track nuts with captive washers. Also check the front wheel is true and brake adjustment if only using the one brake. Using a rag soaked in WD40 to wipe the outside of the chain weekly, followed by a relube should keep it running sweetly unless the weather is really filthy.
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  • arghhhh.....just inspected my fixed and found a small pea size hole in a chain stay underneath near to the BB shell.
    it's a 531 gazzelle and will be at least 20 yrs old.

    Is it suicide to ride it?

    Is there any options of repairing it?
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