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Single Speed or Gears

Pete BeerPete Beer Posts: 604
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I've just got back to MTBing after a loooong break. I've been riding a single speed On one inbred. I've really enjoyed it but after meeting a little mud (it's been dry up to now) I am beginning to wonder whether it'll be so much fun through the winter. I'm reasonably fit. I ride a fixee on the road. My question is persevere and realise I'll have to restrict what I will be able to do or buy something with gears. I mainly ride woody trails and have to cycle to tracks.


  • Well, the simplicity of SS is good for cruddy trails but as some say 'single speed = single use' :lol:

    I've toyed with the idea of a SS but this would only happen if I was to get (yet) another bike.

    I suppose to answer your Q I would have to ask how hilly and what kind of hills be them short and steep, long and winding.... BUT you seem to have done alright so far on the SS so I'd say keep it SS for a winter (lower maintainence) hack bike.
  • I'd ask what disadvantage there could be of having gears?
    If you want the feeling of single speed just don't use the shifter.
  • A singlespeed shouldn't limit what you want to do on a bike.

    I find my SS bike better for riding in muddy conditions as I know the drivetrain will always work. I do find I have to treat muddy bits slightly differently to when I have gears. With gears I like to spin at a fairly high cadence through mud, however on the SS this isn't really an option so I tend to try to ride through them a bit quicker. Maintaining your speed is the key.

    The only downside to the SS is road sections where I just can't spin quick enough - but I do try to keep those to a minimum.

    Come the winter the big bonus is almost zero maintenance, get back from a muddy ride, chuck the bike in the garage and you know it will be ready to ride when you next want to go out.
  • You can use SS for anything, it just depends how fit you are how easy you will find
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Try riding SS where I ride - you wont have a prayer! For some terrain its cool, if you think its fun thats cool, but for lots of up and downs and massive climbs with super steep sectio - get gears.
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