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3/32 half link - any good??

bolyboly Posts: 71
edited September 2007 in Road general
Just done a rough and ready conversion to single speed by fitting an MTB screw on freewheel in place of the 7 speed sprocket, packed it out with a couple of shims to get a reasonable chain line and refitted the chainring on the inside of the spider - so far so good. Trouble is, its a vertical dropout and I was relying on a tensioner, but because the wheels not redished, none of them will fit due to the 3/4" spacer necessary to span the wide dropout gap on the old frame>> Which brings me to my only hope - fitting ahalf link and keeping my fingers crossed - has anybody had any experience of them and were they any good?? Thanks


  • Should work, Expect to remove it after a 10-50 miles though as your chain streches.

    I hope thats good advice :? :? :roll:
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