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problems fitting my tyro on the rims carrera fury 07

manutdstottmanutdstott Posts: 16
edited September 2007 in MTB beginners
Hi I wondered if anyone else has had the same problem as me, i got a puncture last week on my back wheel. so i repaired it although i had great difficulty getting the tyre of thr rim it was so damn tight. when i replace or repair inner tube, the damn tyre just wont go on easily i'v really strained getting the tyre back i'v made o mess of my rims scratches everywhere. and each time i get it back the tyre goes down again with a fresh puncture where i'v forced the tyre back. i tried mt best to avoid catching the tube as i put the tyre back, i'v about 5 patches now i even tried pumping up the tube a little first i ruined a brand new tube too, i been unable to ride mt bike since i measured the tyre its 26" as it should be, the tyres are continental gravity, any got any ideas or had the same problems
regards me


  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    I've got a Fury 8)
    Yeah, I had trouble getting the tyres off and on the rims...
    The Gravity's are useless in the mud too!!! :shock:
    Have a look at this thread all about the common problem of [email protected] rim tape on Furys!!! :cry:
    Check the spoke eyelets and rim tape. :roll:

    Apart from the above, Great bike for the money!!!! :wink:
  • hi impished just wondered did you replace your tyres which ones can you recommend if main problem i think is the tyre levers cutting into the tubes...
  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Dunno if the Carrera's rims are particularly well known for this but I've found tyres a bit more hassle to get back on than I remember to (after a 10 year break). I figured it was down to UST compatability or disc rims or both making tolerances a bit tighter. I broke four tyre levers before I regained some patience :p I can now usually get the tyre on without levers but still need them to get it off, I'd highly recommend soma tyre levers as they're plastic coated but have a steel core so are strong but don't scratch rims. Key though is still to get the tyre as much on the rim as possible by hand before using levers otherwise you're just increasing the chances of damaging the inner tube, tyre or rim. As for avoiding puncturing the inner tube, you're right to keep a bit of air in it and keep stuffing it back into the rim before levering the tyre.
  • same prob here. broke a few plastic ones and opted for a pair of Soma Tyre Levers. Still a pain but they don't break.
    Run some electrical tape on your rims, replace the rim tape and put tube and tyre back on. I have opted for some Sludge based self sealing tubes.
    Gravitys slide all over the shop in the mud.
    Changed the tyres to schwalbes as I commute.
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