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Winter Tyres

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I am in the process of cleaning up my winter bike and notice I need new tyres.
Can anyone recommend a decent tyre that has a good grip on salted/greasy roads?

Thanks guys :wink:


  • I used Continental Ultra Gatorskin last year and only ended up with 2 punctures all autumn/winter (about 800 miles - and no sign of wear). There are no visable cuts on mine either and I rode through some pretty cut up, pot holed and mucky back roads during the winter months.

    I believe that the folding versions are easier to fit - they may be a couple of quid more but from other forums are far easier to fit. I had no end of problems trying to fit the rigd version.

    The plus side for the wired versions maybe a tougher tyre that lasts longer. I am guessing that the wire bead is more durable.

    You could also look at Conti GP 4 seasons as well. These are comp tyres but not sure if they offer as much puncture protection.

    I find my Gatorskin's a really grippy tyre in dry/wet/salted roads. Rolling resistance is ok as well.

    You can pick up the Gatorskins for around £15 (folding or around £12 for rigid) from the usual suspects: wiggle, Parker International, Ribble or your LBS. If you do go for the rigid version consider buying the Crank Bros device listed in the above forum. For £5 it will be worth it.

    The GP 4 seasons are around £20.

    I use 700x23 with a PSI between 90 and 100 in the winter. I read somewhere that this PSI is the best for wet/cold weather.

    Hope this helps.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    If you like in the flint-strewn south, then Gatorskins can be too soft and in terms of grip, can often be described as 'lively'. If you want something genuinely punctureproof, then it's really down to something like Swalbe Marathons of Specialized Armadillos - both are pretty heavy though and the Armadillo's grip in the wet can at best be called 'challenging'. Also, look at fitting the widest tyres possible - they offer a slightly bigger 'footprint' and therefore grip - you can fit 25mm or even 28mm with many road bikes. I find Michelin Krylions a good performance compromise - tough, hard-wearing and long-lasting.
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  • Thanks for the replies guys. I have been using the Continental GP4000S for the past 5 months on my race bike and have been delighted with these.

    No problems with flint punctures up here in the North!! WIll look at the pros and cons of the tyres you have recommended.
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    please..... no threads about winter :(
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  • Does everyone run different tyres through winter?

    I keep using Michelin pro Race and have never had a huge increase in number of flats. Plus they ride well, so when you're taking corners on slippy corners in the wet you have a bit of extra confidence that they'll get you around.
  • Sorry MADDOG2 . Unfortunately wint## kicks in about two months earlier here in Scotland.
  • I have used Conti Ultra Gator skins for a couple of years. I use them all year round on my training bike. I found that they remarkably puncture resistant until near the end of their days.

    My commuting bike is fitted with 25mm Specialized Armadillos. They are really impressive and seem to resist most of the bits of glass, flints and thorns one finds in the roads. They are great for a touring/ commuter bike but for anything racier, with lighter wheels, I think they might feel rather sluggish.
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    Yeah I always run different tyres through winter, in fact I've just got some new wheels that are a bit more sturdy as well for winter riding.
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