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Stanchion oil seals how effective at

DTM12DTM12 Posts: 163
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I was wondering how effective are the seals on the top of the fork legs (where the stachions go in) at keeping censored out ?
I installed my new Marzocchi fork last night and all was going well. I got to the stage of cutting the steerer tube and did it in situ on the bike using an old stem as a guide to a straight cut. I thought I had covered the area in a dust sheet well enough but when I had finished I had realised that the right fork leg was not properly covered. And there were a few filings on the top of the seals. I didnt cycle the fork at all but carefully turned the bike upside and gently hosed them off till it was clean.
All looks ok but I am now worried that the particles could get in my new fork and cause seal or other damage.

Is this likely ?

Mind you I suppose that if they are designed not to be invaded by grit and sand then they should be able to keep other stuff out, I guess


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    dont worry they will be ok.

    next time you will be more careful. :wink:
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  • DTM12DTM12 Posts: 163
    Cheers Nick
    I reckon I will be more careful, I was bloody annoyed with myself when I saw metal filings on top of the seals, I really thought I'd knackered the job totally. Particulalry because I had covered the other side so well, Got the steere cut nice and straight though :wink:

    But I suppose if they can keep sand and grit out they can keep other stuff out, its just that I am not that familiar with the construction of forks and am new to it
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