where has all the terry gone?

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Hi All,
I'm currently using a pair of Specialized BG mitts and they're comfy enough but i really hate the 'micrrofleece' sweat/snot wiper. I know it's a modern material that's in keeping with advancing design, but terry towelling seemed to actually work rather than just redistribute stuff across your face, so why change it for a less suitable material?
I have an old pair of MTB BG long finger gloves that have terry and they're great. So my questions are does anyone else find this? and do any manufacturers still use terry?
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  • Gav2000
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    I got a pair of leather palmed mitts from Sainsburys recently for £3.99 (I think), they have a terry section on them. I haven't noticed a terry shortage, maybe it's just Specialized who are targeting non sweaty/snotty customers?


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    I don't know about Terry cloth, but what about the real old-school gloves that had leather palms and a string back? I love 'em and have just ordered a pair of GORE Retro Tech gloves to recapture the glory days of my youth :oops:

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  • Prendas do their own range of mitts which have a terry 'snot' wipe.

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  • McBain, where did you order the Gore retro gloves from? Saw a review of them the other day and fancied a pair but have been unable to find em.
  • @McBain - Mike Dyason do the crochet back/leather palm gloves. Quite cheap too - £4.50 a pair.
    Website - mikedyason.com
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  • Eurostar
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    Assos summer gloves have a good snot-wiping panel made of terry cloth. Highly recommended.
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  • many thanks, some good ideas :)
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