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Gym Injury to Elbow

NoodooNoodoo Posts: 214
edited September 2007 in Health, fitness & training
Has anyone got any experience of elbow injuries?

I've been pushing the weights on both Chest and Triceps (Benching and Skull Crushers) and my left elbow is feeling like the tendon twangs when i'm doing those excersizes.
It's like a warm pins and needles in the tendon on the opposite side to my funnybone...

Anyone got any clues?

I know i need to see a Doc, but has anyone got any experience in Gym injuries that can offer some additional advice?

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  • Go and see your doctor. Does your fore arm hurt? If so it could be the start of tennis elbow, which is a nasty thing to get. Go and see your doctor sooner rather than later.
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