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Which SPD shoes to choose?

sc0ttb88sc0ttb88 Posts: 33
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Hi, Looking to go clipless as it's too hard to do my local trails on trainers cause it's too bumpy! ChainReaction have a class sale on at the minute so was wondering which ones to go for?

Do mainly XC... Was thinking of getting platform pedals with SPDs in them so i have the option of clipping out when doing very technical or downhill sections...

Any recommendations? ideally not too expensive :)


  • my specialized bg sonoma ones are excellent, but they don't have them on CRC.
    I personally prefer velcro and for them to look not too flash, so I can wear them at work aswell (although i bought them when i'd not been working here as long, i'd probably brave wearing flash ones now :wink:)
    Just go for any you like the look of really I'd say.
  • Cheers. But will road shoes be ok or do i have to go for MTB ones? I've seen ones with a carbon insert that are very light but not sure if these are good for XC? :?:
  • I bought a pair of 661 Stingers a year ago and they're still going strong. They've had some hammer and done a fair few miles in the mud and look brand new after a quick srcub. £40 in the CRC sale I think
  • richkrichk Posts: 583
    You'll probably get as many variations/recommendations as readers here.

    I've got MT40 shoes with 545 pedals & am very happy with that combination but it's all about what suits you.
    There is no secret ingredient...
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