New to cycling - few questions..

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Hi, everyone...

I've just started cyclying and have a few queries:

1> when I cycle how straight should my legs be? Should there be a slight bend in my knees?

2> how quickly should I increase my distance (I am quite unfit)? I've been doing around 8 miles a day (on and off road [flat])?

3> can you recommend a decent, cheap, clothing manufacturer for cyclyng gear?

4> when will the pain in my thighs go :(:( ??

Thanks in advance..



  • Mog Uk
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    1: When your foot is at the lowest position your knee should be slightly bent and overhanging your bottom bracket.


    2: Only you know how far you can go. If after 8miles you're still feeling good then aim to do 10miles, increase the distance slowly.

    3: Numerous websites for this:

    Also worth checking out a Decathlon store if you have one near you.

    4: LOL, be sure to stretch before and after each ride, a good soak in the bath also helps. It will get easier with time, although saying that I seem to spend half my life aching.
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    1) Almost, but not completely straight - you don't want the knee to lock out. Quick way to adjust seat height is to set it so that your heel lies on the lower pedal with the leg completely straight, it should then have the appropriate flexion when pedalling normally. A good starting point from which to fine-tune.

    2) Not sure, maybe add 3 ish miles to your rides, then maybe 3 more the next week and so on. It probably depends how frequently you ride. If you are riding every day you should be able to increase fairly quickly, just don't go for big increases as (especially as your thighs are aching) you could overdo it in the early stages. Try to introduce some (low) hills into your rides.

    3) DHB stuff sold by Wiggle is very good value for money.

    4) er...I reckon within a week if you ride most days, until you increase mileage / hills / speed.

    Hope you enjoy it!
  • Agree with above posts but would add Prendas for clothing, especially the shorts.
    I have bought good btwin leggings from decathlon for winter for £30 as good as any other.
    But for shorts do not go cheap if you wil;l start riding further!!! I learnt from that mistake and now have a few pair of shorts I can only use under leggings :D
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    Agree with old Welshman about cheap shorts. I've been steadily buying shorts going from cheap nikes to most expensive Assos. I'd have saved myself some cash if I'd just gone for a better pair of shorts in the first place. I'm not saying that you need to spend £100 on assos - I just seem to have a sensitive bum - but don't go too cheap on this essential piece of clothing.

    Happy cycling. x
  • alfablue wrote:
    4) er...I reckon within a week if you ride most days, until you increase mileage / hills / speed.

    I think it probably varies depending on your fitness and how hard you tend to push yourself when riding.

    I've been commuting 7 miles each way for two months now, but the aching took probably five weeks to go away. However, all the time is was decreasing. However I do tend to push it fairly hard on some parts. Certainly my legs were still very achy after the first week!
  • Thanks for the great replies.

    I'll keep an eye out for some of the clothing brands mention.

    And thanks for the picture...