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Been MBing for a couple of years now, recently moved into the Peak District so want to be able to switch between Road and Off Road when the mood takes me.

Therefore looking to get a roadie, have upto £2K to spend

Advice / pointers of what specifically to look for would be useful



  • Planet X, or Focus from Wiggle, both excellent value.
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    coming from MTB you may want a triple or compact chainset - especially in the Peak District. It could be quite a shock with a standard double.
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    I was def thinking triple, where I live (Millers Dale) its basically climbing from mile 1 therefore.

    I like the look of the Spesh Tarmac Pro but need to find it for nearer the £2K mark
  • What about a Focus Cross Expert 2008 (Cyclocross) bike as a opportunity to combine dark and lite sides? :wink:
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    Nope don't want a cross, if I want to stay on the dark side I'll use my MTB and then on those good days I'll get the roadie out
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    A Trek FX (if you go for the 7.9) is almost a road bike but a tad more comfortable. Has a triple on the front so will climb easily. (Full carbon frame too :D ) (Will cost you about £1400 if you haggle on the RRP £1500)

    It's great to be .....
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    At £2k, you should have no bother getting a frame built up to your spec. For less than this, I got a £700 f&f built up with Campag Centaur & have a stunning bike...
    Seriously, if you're looking at this sort of price then get down to your LBS to try stuff out/ask recommendations for a custom build: you may well regret your decision if you don't...
    £2k will buy a fair amount of road bike & your LBS should be happy to take you through the options with helpful advice: if they don't go to another...
    Spending £2k on an untried internet deal strikes me as a bit daft...
  • I agree with the last post about building something up - Ive just built up a Carbon BH Frame with full Dura Ace and decent wheel for just about £1,000.
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    I hear what your saying. If it was a MTB then I'd build that from scratch as I know whats good and whats bad. Roadie wise I know nothing and past experience of LBS's doesn't give me the confidence that I'd get the best bike for the cash.

    Am happy to listen to advise on what I should be looking for roadie wise
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    Trek Madone 2008 5.1.
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    I'd still visit some LBS's and try some things out. Discover whether you prefer SRAM, Shimano or Campag for the gearing, whether you want carbon, steel, alu or ti for the frame, whether you want lightweight or deep section wheels. At £2k, there are so many options that it's really difficult to recommend anything on any other basis than, "I ('d) like one of these" which doesn't take into account your riding, so again, asking this question will get you someone else's best bike for the cash, which may or may not be yours. You also need to think about what you want to do with the bike: long distance hilly riding or relatively short flat blasts. You'll probably find it easier to work out what you want to do with the bike, then go speak to a couple of shops, then come back here to ask about the advice you've been given. Good luck with your search!
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    cheers Rich

    I mainly want a roadie to build up endurance and to get a change from MTB. Want to do some longer rides, I do 20-25mile loops on the MTB so will look to be doing double that on the roadie.

    I live in the Peaks so hilly as f*** so gearing is important, frame wise I want carbon

    Will take a trip to a couple of LBS to get some pointers
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    Just got a new Trek would recommend them to everyone. It pedals itself. I would recommend trying before you buy though as it's totally different to riding mountain bike. :lol:
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