decathlon b'twin sport 1

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Anyone taken a look at one of these? I'm quite tempted due to the bargain price.

Also is Decathlon a bit like the Lidl/Aldi type sales, or are stock levels good?


  • I went to the lakeside store on monday to see the new range of bikes as listed in the catalogue and could only see two road bikes on display priced, and on the racks could not see the sport 1. I wanted to buy one as I am delighted with my Decathlon 7.1 bought last year, so I guess you need to phone your nearest store first before you visit as they do not appear to show all the ranges in store if my experience is anything to go by.
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    The surrey quays one has loads of bikes, or did last time I visited.

    The Sport 1, has MTB gearing though IIRC, and I think you need to go upto the Sport 2 to get expected road gearing.

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    Bought a Decathlon Btwin Sport 3 for myself and a Sport 2 for my daughter 3 weeks ago. Both bikes are ace. Really pleased with how they are performing so far. Done 300 miles on mine already communiting, sunday club rides and a trip around Anglesea. The local bike club members are well impressed with the design and spec of the sport 3 at the price.
  • I am interested in there cross bike, but was told models come in about a month later than the date in their brochures.
    They can order bikes from other stores, ask them to get one in for you.
    By the way has anyone road there cross bike from last year, or thinking of selling a 54cm
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  • Just bought a new road bike and did consider the the Decathlon range. I had the same experience as mentioned above when I went to the Lakeside store, ie very few bikes actually in stock there - lots of the entry level basic model but not much else. Surrey Quays was much better with loads of different models from across the range. In the end though I bought from my LBS since they were prepared to negotiate on price whereas Decathlon were not. Their (Decathlon's) ticket prices do definitely look attractive but in the end I got a better spec bike from my LBS once I had negotiated (hard) for a discount.