what food before the big week!! help!!

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i'm doing a 350 mile trip next week over 4 days, and i want to know what i should be eating to prepare my body for it this week.

taa :shock:
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  • I believe the thing to do is to carb load. Over eat on carbohydrates and add a little extra pinch of salt to your food the day before and during. Over hyrate yourself and drink as much water as you can, within reason of course.

    Relax and spend some time in front of the telly or packing. Maybe go for a small spin but don't do any killer miles in the week before. Go for a message.

    Good luck and most importantly be safe and enjoy it.
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  • what kinda message? lol should i not get one of those when i finish? so chicken, fish pasta? anythin else?
    felix's bike

    pedal like you stole something!!!
  • There is no need to overload on carbs or over hydrate for doing 350 miles in 4 days.
    It really depends on how fast you do it.
    I just did London to Paris in 4 days and just ate a normal balanced diet.
    Water alone is not going to do you any good for hydrating anyhow.
    Just have a balanced carb meal night before, decent breakfast, porridge or musili, energy drink with electrolytes ofr ride and carb/protein after ride.
    I would suggest carbo loading if you were doing 200km race in one day though :D