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cutting down suspension fork steerer

adoveradover Posts: 130
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Ez all, I bought a marin bobcat trail recently, and for some reason they've put about an inch/two inches of spacers under the stem, probably because they couldnt be arsed to cut the steerer down... I'm thinking of rectifying this today, just wondering what the pro's and cons would be?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    first get the stem at the right height by moving spacers above and below it. once your happy with the position go back to the shop and get them to finish the job.
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  • adoveradover Posts: 130
    so it is a case of them being lazy scumbags then!! i thought as much! pfft....
  • It could be done yourself using a pipe cutter or a sharp hacksaw and cutting guide (not a junior hacksaw). But if you are not to sure about this take it to the shop and get it done properly. You may be able to get it done for free if you take it to the shop that you bought it from (it is always worth a try- i've got quite a few things done for free from my local bike shop)

    Also remember that the top of the steerer tube should sit a few mm below the top of the stem (or spacers if there are spacers above the stem)- this is to allow for the compression when you preload the headset
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