Transporting a Winter Bike

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I have just bought a Kinesis Racelight as a winter trainer...full mudguards etc etc.

I travel quite a lot to visit family in Scotland and to keep up the training always take my bike. I normally carry my bike on a Thule 561 (the one where the front wheel is removed and forks clamped into the rack)

The question i, has anyone carryed a bike with mudguards like this? Will the mudguards bend?

How does anyone else carry a bike with mudguards? Should i be looking for a carrier that doesn't require the removal of wheels??

Thoughts please.



  • McBain_v1
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    I find that it is almost inevitable that mudguards will slip out of alignment.
    Just live with it :)

    What do I ride? Now that's an Enigma!
  • I have the same carrier and we regularly carry our winter bikes - try it it'll be fine . The only bit that gets bent is the the front mudflap .