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Does anyone know if the above bike comes with a flip flop hub like the Langster or can the freewheel be easily removed. I`m told removing freewheel would be enough, however looking for someone who maybe has one to confirm ? Was in the bike shop today and they never had one but they say its fixed or can be ! but the web description says otherwise.


  • yes the singlecross does come with a flip flop hub but no fixed sproket on the fixed side general kit is good for the price with the frame the best bit
  • So what is required to make it fixed ? Just a cog and lock ring ? Could I just nick the cog from the other side ?
  • it already has a lockring but you will need a threaded sprocket . size depending on what gear you want
  • Do you have the said bike, whats it like ? How much for screwed cog then ?
  • yes i do have the bike and so far im very pleased with it its a good mulitpurpose bike its comfortable and light and seems well thought out sprockets normaly 10-20 pound
  • Wayhey! Another Brummie!

    That's all. Although I do have a few sprockets that you could have for nought - including a very nice 19t on-one CNC one. What size chainring are you running? If it's a 48 like the langster then I find 48/19 ideal for Brum streets but if you intend to take it off road for some fix cross riding then you'd want a slightly lower gear.