Impressive juggernaut drafting

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Followed a roadie (probably commuting) in my car today on the A4 between Maidenhead and Slough who drafted a juggernaut for the best part of a mile. We were going along in excess of 30mph and he stuck to the back of the lorry like glue! I was well impressed when he came out of the slipstream and went past the lorry although the brake lights from the lorry suggested the driver sh*t himself when the bike came alongside him from nowhere.

So if you were the rider on a red Specialized with Reading C.C, on the back of your shorts - it was good to watch.


  • I remember getting up to this kind of thing when i was younger, slipstreaming buses mostly!! Very Exiting, sodding dangerous though!!

    With a family now though it isnt quite such a good idea.
  • The worst bit is the pothole arriving unexpectedly from under the bus a few feet infront of you!
  • Absolutely lol heavymental.............your little signature from Batman is quite cool too.
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    There was a bit of discussion about the easier cousin of the juggernaught...the wonderful tractor...on beginners the other week! You don't have to work so hard to keep up.

    Cheers sturedd...gotta love the Batman!
  • Yes i think i read that, tractors were a bit too slow for me!! When i was younger anyway.

    With the first Batman being the best by far.

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  • Yeh...they all went a bit downhill after that one...although the other Tim Burton one was good. There were some awful films in the Batman series and Batman returns wasn't great....although it could of been but I thought Liam Neeson was awful.

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