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Finally gone out and brought my new bike, when I sort a camera out I'll post some pictures of it.
Would like to thank Mike @ Fred Williams Cycles in Wolves top bloke very helpful & did me a great deal. :lol::lol:
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  • Rich Hcp
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    Which bike did you get?

    Giving it Large
  • 1892
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    Trek 5.2 Madone :D:D
    Justice for the 96
  • richa
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    Let's see the piccies...
  • McBain_v1
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    Trek 5.2 - isn't that one of those carbon/plastic bikes? :lol:
    Let's see some pictures - should be a lovely ride.

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  • 1892
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    I've got to find the lead that goes between the camera & computer (put it somewhere safe) when I find it I will. Yes it one of those "plastic" things. Still managed to scratch it though :oops: :cry:
    Justice for the 96