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Numbness in fingers?

cyclinggirlcyclinggirl Posts: 196
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After doing a couple of 25 mile rides I have been experiencing a tingling, numb kind of feeling in my little finger and ring finger on my left hand. It is still like that today even though I haven't been on the bike.

I wear gloves but they are only a really cheap pair from Lidl.
I also ride a mountain bike for road riding.

Would better gloves help? Anyone else experienced this :?:


  • pneumaticpneumatic Posts: 1,989
    Yes, get some decent (e.g Specialized) mits with a gel pad to cover your ulnar nerve - they really make a difference. Also, are you wearing a watch? Your wrist position may be causing some constriction there, too.

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  • Don't usually wear a watch......

    Thanks for the advice. Have just ordered some Specialized mitts and winter gloves, hopefully this will help. :D
  • I suspect, in my non medical opinion, but as someone who rides with pros sometimes, that you may be suffering from reynards (sic) syndrome. Its the same problem that affects road workers who use pneumatic drills... nothing to worry about, go to a doc, see if they agree, and manage it....

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