more difficult to pedal after servicing the bike????

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Hello, I have just finished servicing my Langster and I find it quite more difficult to pedal now. I have changed the BB, chain, rear tyre and freewheel.
I kept the same settings: 16x48 gearing and 700x25 tyres but I feel like I have gone up a gear or I feel it less smooth :(:cry:
I have never really checked one by one the cogs in my old freewheel but I just new that it was a 16 cogs one (2006 model). The new one is definitely 16 and I have not touched the chainring.
Any ideas
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  • bobtravers
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    Misaligned BB or wrongly put in
    Wheel not in the correct angle (so that the tire rub on the seat or chain stay)
    Hub too stiff (too much pressure on the cups)

    Have you tried turning the cranks when your bike is on a repair support?? See if anything rub or some crazy noises??

    Good luck...
  • chain too tight ?
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  • stefano
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    I think that the reason is the hub Ball Bearings, any idea of what size do I need for changing them?

    PS: I hope i do not need a new hub
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    Sometimes a tyre like swalbe marathon can be fittedd the wrong way round,,tyre pressure..a bit of lubrication in the freewheel are bits and bots that might help