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New bike help - Should I go for reynolds 531

yellowmelonyellowmelon Posts: 3
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I want to buy a new road bike. Have been looking at bikes made with reynolds 531 tubes as I understand they are very solid and last long. I have seen this Dawes Londoner


This is the description for it

Very responsive, smooth and light. Perfect for touring or commuting. A really good ride...Probably from mid to late 1980's.
Size 63cm. Suit rider around 5"10 to over 6"0.
NEW Brake Cable inners and outers.
NEW Bar Tape
Large Flange Hubs. Very nice machined Stronglight crank and chainrings. Quality Weinman brakes.
This is an expensive, handbuilt cycle which rides extremely well.
Has a few scratches and marks (not many) etc, otherwise very good. Comes with mudguards and I have a rear rack if wanted (or can be removed).....

It's £150. Do you think it is worth it. I might convert it to single gear later on. What do you recommend.


  • GarybeeGarybee Posts: 815
    Can't comment on whether or not it's worth the money but the size recommendation seems well out.

    "Size 63cm. Suit rider around 5"10 to over 6"0."

    I'm 5'10" and ride a 54cm frame.

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  • Yeah I saw that on gumtree too - I think it's for sale because the owner saw a very similar one on Ebay (all original + it's a rareish model) sell for about £130+ a few weeks ago.

    It's much too big for you - I'm 6'3" and would be ok on it.

    I know that it would be a good commuting bike, but be patient and keep checking back!

    I think Gumtree, Bikeradar, anothercyclingforum, and Ebay in that order.

    If you are on the lookout then posting a 'wanted' advert on bikeradar would be a good start - lots of cyclists end up with a few too many bikes!

    good luck!
  • I'm 6' tall so probably it would be too big for me. But leaving side apart, should I pay this much for a similar bike. I am looking at very similar bikes. I need a commuting bike but I use it to go everywhere so I need something comfortable. I'm going for the Reynolds 531 frame as it seems to be solid and durable and it has quite a good reputation. What other bikes would you recommend. there are lots of peugeot around but no one bothers to list the specs.

  • heavymentalheavymental Posts: 2,067
    I'd say be careful of ending up with a 'project' if you're looking at that kind of bike. If the drivetrain components are worn you may well find yourself having to replace lots of bits and due to the age it might not all be easily replaceable. Alot of those types of bikes will have been left in a shed for years, the tyres may well have degraded and cracked and the whole thing will require alot of attention if you intent to ride it more than a few miles.

    Thats just something to be aware of. Generally speaking I think you'll be fine with a 531 frame as they seem to last for years if properly cared for, you may get lucky and find an old bike thats barely been used and you may well have the practical skills to maintain an old wreck if you get one. I don't think the romantic image of riding some lovely old bike for miles and miles is necessarily realistic. I'd be tempted to look at mountain bikes or racers that are only a few years old as you may find them less of a restoration project. Then again, if that Dawes had fitted it looks like its been a well looked after servant to its previous owner.
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