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Just got back from a LEJOG...

cusimar9cusimar9 Posts: 101
We attempted a 10 day LEJOG and had to throw in the towel on Day 6 due to knee injuries.

There were two of us that did it. We were woefully underprepared (only been cycling about 3 months, and a bike accident and terrible weather cut our training even shorter). Poor planning really finished us off. We were aiming for 95 mile days, yet a few of the days turned out to be 107 miles, which often equated to 14 hours out on the bike, arriving at our destination in the dark, and very little sleep.

Still, we were amazed to make it as far as we did (Dumfries in Scotland).

We're planning to go back and finish Scotland next year and, with the benefit of hindsight, it should be a much better planned and more enjoyable trip.

More info here:

And some pics here (in reverse order): ... 715186160/

Thanks to everyone who gave us advice, I spent a fair while on here asking various questions and I got a lot of help, which I'm very grateful for.

Cheers :)


  • cusimar9cusimar9 Posts: 101
    Oops maybe I should have put this in "Tour & Expedition" :oops:
  • peejay78peejay78 Posts: 3,378
    still a heck of an acheivement. well done.
  • cusimar9cusimar9 Posts: 101
    Turned out to be a LOT harder than we could ever have imagined. Trying to do it without a triple chainset was a big mistake as well. Certainly nothing could have prepared us for cycling in Cornwall and Devon. Still, we made it to our first stop (middle of Dartmoor, 107 miles) in 1 day which we think is one hell of an achievement. Wouldn't like to try and do something like that again in a hurry!
  • Certainly worth doing the remainder of the ride, some amazing scenery the rest of the way

    I certainly wouldn't consider Devon and Cornwall without a triple!
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