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please help

24/7 biker24/7 biker Posts: 16
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this is all the parts i want for my new bike and i need help i just want to know if all these parts will fit together and go well if you dont agree with a certain part it would help if you told me what to get instead please help .
this is my first time building a bike so feel free to treat me like a retard. :roll:

oh and i want it to do 4x/dj.

Halo SAS Pro Disc Wheel
26" Qr White Rear Wheel Only


Halo SAS Pro Disc Wheel
26" 20mm - Qr White Front Wheel Only
Out Of Stock Item
About out of stock orders


Maxxis Larsen TT FR
26 x 2.35 Super Tacky Dual Ply

£19.99 x2

Crank Brothers 5050 X 2007
Black - Silver


Rock Shox Argyle 318 2008
100mm White - IS Mount


No Flats Nylon Rim Tape
19mm for 2 Wheels


Avid Juicy 5 2007
Rear 185mm - IS Mount


Identiti Krisis Frame
31.5cm White


Nokian DH Tube
26 x 2.1 - 3.0 PV

£6.99 x2

Funn Full Throttle Saddle


E Thirteen SuperCharger Bash Ring
4-Bolt 104mm 40t Black


RaceFace Evolve DH & Ring X-Type
170mm 4-Bolt 40t Black


ConneX Wippermann Anti-Rust Star 1Z1 Single Speed


Gusset Double Six Single Speed Conversion Kit


Da Bomb Da Rector
Black 1.1/8" Cro-Moly


FSA Pig Ball Bearing
Black 1.1/8"


RaceFace Diabolus DH
70mm 10 Deg Ano Black 1.1/8"


RaceFace Evolve DH Riser 2007
Black 660mm - 1.5" Rise


Da Bomb Bomb Pin QR
Pair F&R QR Black


Sub Total:


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    poor topic heading.

    and wrong section.

    lighter wheels. lighter fork. poor pedals.
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  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 10,309 Forum Tart 2010
    check your post in 'Racing' you can get better forks than that (in fact they are no good for 4x)

    I posted a link for you.... :wink:
  • personally i'd go:

    wheels: mavic ex721s on hope pro 2s front
    mavic ex721 on halo dj disc rear (saves ss conversion kit, may need tensioner fitted though) nb: if you don't like this set up 2x ex721s on pro 2s will work well anyway

    spokes personally i'd go for a stainless steel, something like dt champion ss

    Your gear set up looks wrong, revert to this for the magic ss formula:

    forks: marzocchi 4x wc

    probably stick a brake on the front aswell, esspecially if you're serious about 4x

    personal choice on cranks, i'd go: Truvativ holzfeller ISIS DH

    oh, and dmr v12s

    hope it gives you a few things to think about ;)
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Double butted spokes over pg, build into a better wheel.
  • Silver BulletSilver Bullet Posts: 1,064
    That version of the 5050Xs apparently have very poor grip, so either go for the XX version or look elsewhere - SlimJims?

    Yeah, Marz 4X will do a better job, if you're going for 4X as well look for lighter wheels that the SAS - probs similar to what's already suggested

    I would upgrade the headset to FSA Pig Pro

    Cranks: Shimano Hones are far cheaper, and pretty damn light as well

    Personally I would go for something like a Profile stem with Gusset Prison bars or something similar, but thats just me

    Otherwise looks good
  • thanks everybody youve been a great help and have saved me from wasting my money.
  • thanks cheesey :)
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