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Calf cramping up !

sie1uksie1uk Posts: 22
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After 10 years iv returned to Road biking from MTBing, iv just fitted some Look Keo pedals and purchased some new decathlon r700 shoes, set them up how i used to like my old 105 clipless pedals and set off for a nice 2 hour ride, the pedals feel good but a bit more float that i would like with the std grey cleats (old 105 pedals had no float whatsoever 1995ish ) anyway after around 25 mins of mostly uphill into the wind riding i got the worse cramp you could ever imagine in the inside right calf of my right leg, spent 20 mins trying to straighten the leg out but to no avail anyway tried to ride it off and it eased abit, but now after 5 hours i have a pain in this area that wont go away, do you think this is just cramp still or more of a pulled muscle or something and do you think it may be to do with the pedals and setup ? the pedals are set on the medium setting


cheers and thanks for reading this long post



  • GarybeeGarybee Posts: 815
    A bad cramp can leave you with some pain afterwards. It would seem likely that it is to do with your pedal/cleat setup. It could also be your saddle height or dehydrated/overhydrated though.

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  • did u consider a sports related massage , maybe your calf's need a bit of work due to changing your riding position.
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