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Park Track Pump - any good?

etepetep Posts: 63
edited September 2007 in Road beginners

I`m looking to buy a decent track pump and Ribble have this on offer at the mo. Anyone got one and rate it, or should I be looking at something else? (Happy to spend up to £30)

Thanks ... RKPUMF0150


  • LbaguleyLbaguley Posts: 161
    Yep - had it 6 months and used regularly - no complaints at all. Guy from the bike shop I bought it from used it as his personal track pump and I've seen several bike shops which keep one at the counter for people to stop by and use. I guess that speaks more volumes than anything I can say...
  • I've got a "Blackburn Trackpump 1" which wasn't expensive (sub £30 I think) and seems spot on to me.
  • Zendog1Zendog1 Posts: 816
    Mines worked perfectly for over three years now - cannot fault that.
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