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Which one is best from these 2 choices?!!

robklancsrobklancs Posts: 498
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i wouldnt touch jejames cycles, i got messed about for over a month trying to order a bike from them, they are a waste of time imo. But thats just my opinion, maybe it was a one off!


  • GarybeeGarybee Posts: 815
    I've not been impressed with their customer service either

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  • fidbodfidbod Posts: 317
    I don't think you want to make a decision without riding both.

    From the website pictures the frame geometrys are very different - you want to be sure you are comfy on the bike
  • acorn_useracorn_user Posts: 1,137
    Why even consider the Trek 1000 if no shops near you stock it? You would be better off looking into other racy bikes like the Allez or Giant OCR models, if you want to compare how an SCR fits with how a traditional racer fits. Find a dealer who sells lots of road bikes, and ride one of their budget bikes :)
  • I can't be arsed to sit here and tell you to try every bike under the sun... GET THE SCR 2.0!
  • mea00csfmea00csf Posts: 558
    Not sure if this will help or not.

    I had a bikefit and the geometry for the SCR came out very well for me. However the Treks would have been impossible to set up to measurements and were completely discounted due to the frame shape.

    So, i'd say it would be unlikely (tho not impossible depending on your ideal setup) that both the Trek and SCR's would be comfortable and if you were happy on the SCR's forget the Treks. But that's just my experience using my setup. Point being that the geometries of the frames are completely different.
  • bryanmbryanm Posts: 218
    I'd check what you're actually buying from JE James.

    It's advertised as a Trek 1200 Double, but the spec says, "Crank Bontrager Select 52/42/30", which makes it a triple to me?

    What else is wrong on the spec sheet?
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