Raleigh road bikes - are they pants?!!!!!

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Stanley222 wrote:

Saw this bargain but a few of you reckon Raleigh are pants - are they cos this is a good price surely!?!


Ta :wink:

No thats quite a good price for a reasonable bike - but its in two very small sizes.


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    Stanley222 wrote:

    you reckon Raleigh are pants :

    Hey, I'm a proud owner of a 16 years old Rareligh Vitesse bike :twisted:

    ..... but what do I know about bikes eh :lol:

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    I've replaced the 28 spoke wheels with 36 spoke versions on a Raleigh MTrax - the original one didn't take knocks too well at speed.
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    It is cheap, but so are many other bikes in that sale, like the GT's. Buy the one that fits :)

    Raleigh road bikes are not pants. If Raleighs are pants, then budget Treks and Specialized bikes, which use most of the same parts and bits, are probably pants too. I mean, it's not like you are buying an Apollo or Hawk!
  • I'm getting an Airlite 300 as a winter bike but having had a good gander over one at an LBS I noticed that the groupset is actually Tiagra, not Sora (though it does have a Sora front mech) and has an FSA 50/34 compact chainset too. I've not seen anything from the major players producing much other that Sora equipped bikes at the £499 price point and to my mind it offers a great deal at this price.
  • I looked at a raleigh airlite and noticed it had tiagra for the same price as others were doing sora. I think it had a carbon fork as well. Looked like the best deal I had seen at the time.
  • Nicole Cooke rides Raleigh.
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    If you're not bothered about decals I picked up aClaude Butler with ( speed Campag Xenon, carbon forks and carbon rear triangle for £540 last year. The seat tube could have been reamed out better but it is fast and fairly comfortable. But, given my time again I'd have gone up in spec and bought something a little more bling.
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    Sounds like a Claud Butler Vicenza. I think that model now sports Tiagra :(

    I considered one before deciding to build my own (with a lot of help!)
  • what about Carrera Vanquish from Halfords £399 in sale, 7005 aluminium frame D/B and carbon weave forks, mostly Tiagra except for truvativ chainset. looks the dogs as well.