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Never trust AA Auto route

simon000simon000 Posts: 20
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As I have only been doing about 15-20 mile rides I thought that I would up the ante and try for something a little bit longer, thinking of how to combine a family day out and my cycling, I thought that it would be a good idea to meet the "ball and chain" in the New Forest where we would have a picnic and have a stroll with the dog. Out of curiosity I thought I would have a quick look on the AA and see how far it would be (I am too lazy to get the OS out and work it out for myself), 27 miles came the reply, fine I thought and a few hills thrown in for good measure. What I fool I was to trust the AA, 36 miles :shock: later I reached my destination, to be greeted a wife, child and a bouncing springer spainel all waiting to set off for a walk in the forest, needless to say this evening my body is infoming me of what pain it is going through :cry: Although I must say the roads in the new forest are dead smooth and I was able to kick outsome fair speed. Now where are my OS maps :?:


  • Random VinceRandom Vince Posts: 11,374
    yeh, lately i've taken to makeing a note of place names on a map of where i'm passing through to make up my route (this is in the car) and on a route from coventry to wakefield i've found loads of tiny villages with fantastic pubs to eat in!
    had nearly no traffic compared to people using the motorway to get to the same destination,
    found some enjoyable roads to cruise down (disclaimer, cruise means to steadily drive down enjoying the drive)
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