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What can your employer do for you?

PaulJHartPaulJHart Posts: 33
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My company is due to move into a new building shortly and have initiated suggetion board for facilities that staff would like to see. As I currenlty commute by bike about 12 miles each way I've asked for showers -currenlty I have to pay gym membership that i only use for showers (I'm sure people think i'm a tramp). One of my gripes is that there is nowhere to dry my towel or kit meaning I have to stuff my towel in my bag making it too smelly and damp to use more than once. The office is very crowded and hanging up a towel to dry isnt really an option. Anyone suggest a solution ? Also what do you think a good socially responsible employer should provide for cyclists? (nb car drivers are well provided for with a huge car park, car washing and even a petrol statoin all on site)


  • ash68ash68 Posts: 320
    Presumably the gym is privatly run and does not belong to your employer? Even if you have to pay gym fees your still getting showers,warm dry changing facilities etc close to work. More than most cyclists get. What you can get from your employer in the new building will no doubt depend on the size of the firm,their attitude towards cycling and the number of people who commute by bike.Being optomistic perhaps a shower room with drying facilities & somewhere indoors and secure for bikes to be parked is the most any of us could hope for.W orking for a small firm and being the only cyclist I feel lucky to have somewhere dry but unheated to change clothing and store my bike. Never mind come the revolution things will be different.Who's starting it? :wink:
  • schlepcyclingschlepcycling Posts: 1,603
    My employer is quite enlightened they provide secure bike parking in the underground car park, lockers, showers and a clothes drying room. :D
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  • BuggiBuggi Posts: 674
    Ask for
    1. shower facilities, or see if they can do a deal with the local gym on a cheap membership
    2. a tall locker, so you can hang your clothes and towel in it.
    3. secure bike racks/parking for your bike

    if there are a lot of cyclists ask for a drying room (a small room where you can turn the heat up will suffice) with a couple of clothes horses in it.

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  • HungryColHungryCol Posts: 532
    Ask for a First Aid room with a shower.
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