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Kona Stuff 2007

photojunkiephotojunkie Posts: 2
edited August 2007 in MTB buying advice
looking to buy a Kona Stuff 2007 model, for general fun in my local tracks. Would rather a Stinky but cost is a factor. Plus my mate who is a good rider said, buy a hardtail to begin with and it will make me a better rider. not sure how true that is.

But looking at the Kona Stuff, anyone got any opinions on these bikes? or anything similar in the price range which would be better for me.

any advice would be helpfully, thanks guys


  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 10,309 Forum Tart 2010
    Both good bikes BUT....

    the Stinky is essentially a DH bike, weighs a tonne and you won't want to be hauling that up hill - won't be fun :wink: I saw a guy riding an '06 stinky like you would a normal 'XC' bike along the high street the other day and he looked a censored .... :lol:

    Kona is a top brand - I rate them massively - I personnally would go for the stuff as you will have fun on it and it's more adaptable than the Stinky......

    the stinky is a bike for purpose - a second or third bike if you will.

    Your mate is right to a degree - you learn on a hardtail and you can pretty much ride anything... :wink:
  • Silver BulletSilver Bullet Posts: 1,064
    There are some pretty useful Norco hardtails for similar price which would be worth looking at as well
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