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Advice needed!

-Brad-F--Brad-F- Posts: 8
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Hi everyone!

Im 15 and dont really know that much about specs, pro's and con's etc of MTB's...
Im looking to buy a new bike for no more than the £300 mark. Problem is, theres far too many to choose from, too many reviews to read and too many bikes i like the look of!

At the moment i have a Barracuda Jacabat which im not too keen on as it was a insurance replacement for a bike that was stolen last year. I am going to sell it for £100 to a friend who is in a need of a bike to get him about and put £200 towards buying a new one.

I was after a dirt jump bike until today when i discovered this forum and liked the look of some of the simple MTB's, so im after either one of them. Im after a bike with dual disc brakes and decent suspension, I would like a bike that isnt going to drop bits, gears breaking or frame snapping.

Can you reccomend any bikes and places to buy bikes from for good value? I have a Halfords located near me but ive found they are not that good for bikes!

Any help would be appreciated, just remember i have a budget of £300...

Thankyou!! :D


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