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i saw in my local paper that a bike is stolen every 71 secs (and it's owner must be getting pretty damn fed up i should think). seriously though it reprts that 90% of thefts are when the bike is locked up away from home and only 1% from home; this surprised me but then i do see some some bikes locked in the town centre with pretty pathetic locks. i also saw the suggestion that you should spend about 10% of the bike's price on a lock to get appropriate protection. so if you've got an iffy lock you need a new one


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    Should think about upgrading my security really, Ive got a 49p lidls lock and a £10 or so halfords one both of which I dont use.... on a bike with £900 price tag. I do however keep my bike attached to the ceiling at home or in my office on a mezannine floor at work, not impossible for someone to coincedentally choose a time when both me and everyone else are out of the office, to get in the back door at work and get the bike down the stairs and out of the building unseen and possibly even down the driveway past all the windows infront of the production line unnoticed but all in all its not likelly.

    I do however have a article of C+ with lock reviews and big beefy locks are high on my list of purchases (just under winter clothing). Once I get a decent shackle lock I will probably lock the bike up even in the office.