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Trek or Ridgeback Hybrids? Advice please?

shiftyscrivensshiftyscrivens Posts: 2
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I'm looking to buy a relatively inexpensive hybrid bike, around £250. I've been advised in different places the Trek and Ridgeback brands. Does anybody have any advice on which is best. I'll just be doing the odd bit of riding, not really commuting, but will occassionally have a kids seat attached. I tried the Specialised Globe, but apparently the frame is wrong for me??

Any help is massively appreciated, thanks.


  • AidocpAidocp Posts: 868
    I got a Ridgeback Velocity for commuting and really like that. On a recent cycle tour , the tour company used trek hybrids. They were solid bikes, the treks and obviously able to stand up to a lot of abuse. They were a little heavy for my liking, and I would of rather had my Ridgeback on some of the hills.
  • xioxio Posts: 212
    I had a Ridgeback velocity but I warn you it's a route to expensive pain. I had it for 3 years and got to the point that nobody overtook me except those on road bikes. So then I bought a road bike (Giant OCR1 for £600) which was so much better/quicker that I thought it'd take me years to utilise it fully. 14 months actually before I "needed" a Litespeed. And even then the wheels weren't good enough so I upgraded them. The list goes on and on. The Ridgeback was good value (and my brother rides it/loves it still) but be warned you might get hooked on this cycling lark and it's expensive in the long run...
  • brianbbrianb Posts: 4
    I've just bought a Trek SU700 Hybrid - but yet to use it as I only got it on Tuesday. I currently use a Specialized Hardrock (with road tyres) for my 11 mile commute and agonised long and hard about whether it was worth switching to a Hybrid (or road) bike and if I would get that much benefit. So, I'll let you know tomorrow how the ride in was and how the bike performed!
  • Hairy JockHairy Jock Posts: 558
    Try going to a LBS and riding them both (and anything else they have in your price range), then buy the one you like best. What suites one person is not necessarily right for another. Unless you really know what you are buying, never buy a bike which you haven't ridden.
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