Blast from Past, Peugeot Premiere

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I've just finished restoring a Peugeot Premiere,
Rode it for first time today, talk about feel every bump, must admit though for a 10 speed, got some good speed out of it (thank god though for disc brakes on my MTB, thought I'd never stop). Does anyone know how old these bikes am, any fond memories of owning one? Only question now is how much should I advertise it for, or should I keep it, can't wait to start another bike, hopefully older
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    I bought the slightly more glamourous 12sp 'Equipe' Peugeot racer new in summer 1983. My mate bought the Premiere in red. The premiere had 10 gears - Sachs I think - and nutted axles instead of the QR skewers on the Equipe. Halfords sold both bikes. At the time they made similarly priced british bikes such as the Sun Solo look very unsexy indeed.
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  • I've got the Peugeot Premiere 10.

    Its converted to Fixed at the moment.