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DVD History of the Tour De France

UncleFredUncleFred Posts: 227
edited August 2007 in The bottom bracket
Last night i Watched the free DVD that came with the TDF issue of C+

Interesting factual documentary but was Sean Kelly really the first choice to link the stories??? His autocue reading was terrible!


  • JustRidecpJustRidecp Posts: 302
    Cringe worthy isn't it?
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  • pneumaticpneumatic Posts: 1,989
    I don't think I've yet recovered from Sean's "continuity" performances on that DVD.

    Great cyclist; dreadful broadcaster. Did you notice how his glass of rouge (which was supposed to be a prop in the background) had a different quantity of wine in it every time he appeared, sometimes less, often more? You'd think, with the number of retakes they must have done, he would have been absolutely plastered by the end of it, but you couldn't tell from his Dalek-on-mogadon style. Or maybe it was the producer that was drinking the grog and in the end just slurred "censored it, Sean, that'll do!"

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  • UncleFredUncleFred Posts: 227
    It got to the stage that we were in hysterics it was so bad.... I think the wine bottle gets replaced at one point as well.
  • steve23steve23 Posts: 2,202
    thats the only thing that lets the DVD down, as has been said, cant read the script well at all, and looks like a pole has been shoved up his ar$e!!!

    kids in the xmas play can act better than that!!!

    never mind though, good DVD!!!
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