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Look Keo Carbon Cleats

Chris5150Chris5150 Posts: 107
edited August 2007 in Road beginners
I have ridden these for a while now and up until just now when I decided to order a new pair of cleats for them, I never realised they came in 3 float, 4.5 degree float, amd 9 degree float.
As my current ones are grey that would indicate Im using 4.5 float ones....question is whats the advatages/disadvantages of the varying float ones?. Dont want to have to buy three sets just to see the differances. I am presuming more float allows the foot to move about a bit more on the pedal....would be interested to hear whp prefers what & why


  • GussioGussio Posts: 2,452
    Float is how much you can move your foot from side to side. It does not have a bearing on vertical movement, which should be the same regardless of float. Having some float can reduce stress on your knees, but it could be argued that if you set up your pedals and cleats properly then there shouldn't be a problem.

    The grey cleats have 4.5 degree float. They are the ones I use - no float doesn't suit my knees and the 9 degree version is too sloppy.
  • kmahonykmahony Posts: 380
    I switched to red (9 degree) from the grey and have found them more comfortable.

    One of my knees moves out slightly (shown this on a bike fit, but told not to try changing it)
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