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Before I buy - Frame to small?? advice please

on2wheelson2wheels Posts: 102
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I have just ordered a Spesh Allez Elite 2007, size 49. I always thought I needed a 52, but the guy in the shop who seemed to know what he was talking about said the bike fitted and looked good. (I am 5'6", with an inside leg of 28")

I did have a spin on it and although very different from my steel framed road bike (i am stretched on it) It did feel pretty good.

I have read that choosing a the smallest frame possible eliminates unwanted weight, Am I worrying unnecessary, does this fit seem ok.

I don't want to blow my hard earned cash on a bike that doesn't suit my body. Any advice will be greatly received


  • McBain_v1McBain_v1 Posts: 5,237
    Choosing the smallest frame possible - rather than a frame that actually fits you - might save weight but will ultimately result in a censored ride. Get a frame that definitely fits you and take it from there. You have plenty of time to turn into a weight weenie later :wink:

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  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    I'd say that you are 52cm on a traditional frame but some compacts are different (sometimes 2 cm smaller). Don't know this bike, but don't buy until you are 100% sure. Perhaps get an opinion from another Specialised dealer - or even give Evans a phone call!

    Even if the size is slightly out - avoid. Don't be blinded by bargain fever.
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  • MrKawamuraMrKawamura Posts: 192
    Hopefully not a stupid question, but have you tried the 52? I'm around 5'7" and would definately not want the 49.
  • on2wheelson2wheels Posts: 102
    Thanks guys, I have just phone up and cancelled it, I was buying on cyclescheme as well so the paperwork hadn't gone through from my company.

    Car trouble as well, so it makes sense to cancel for the mo

    I knew I should have asked you lot first!!! :D
  • Car trouble???? - all the more reason to get a bike :lol:
    Has the head wind picked up or the tail wind dropped off???
  • I've been finding this a lot recently! I seem to be in-between sizes for everything these days, i need a personal tailor/bike builder.
  • Hi you said you were stretched on your steel frame so I'd definatly go for a bike fit.Its better to go smaller rather than larger though as the length of the top tube is the key.You could have long legs and short torso or other way around.Have a look at this for a guide then go for a fit. ... ATOR_INTRO ... ndex_e.htm this one is a kuota site but will give you an idea or confuse you even more :wink:
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