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jedi_masterjedi_master Posts: 886
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Im after getting a backpack sooner or later and i like the design and shape of the Deuter Race Backpack (10L) i also like the fact that it has a Storm cover to stop stuff in there getting wet. I will be using the backpack mainly for carrying drinks, tools, pump, etc... although from time to time other stuff may go in like a rainproof jacker or a jumper, what i am after finding out though is how tough these bags are as it most likey will get dropped and thrown about abit, don't want it tearing the first time i dash it on the floor.

If these's backs aint that strong what what you guys recommend or even if they are what other recommendations?? something thats tough and hard wearing, can be dashed about abit, is waterproof and is not very big (10L or so). Dont want a big bulky backpack.

Think i need to look in a shop at a bag to see roughly how much a 10L bag will hold though.


  • rampaxrampax Posts: 139
    I have got an Ortlieb Velocity backpack, which I use for all sorts of tasks.
    Its TOTALLY waterproof, and tough as anything.
    Has a roll top enclosure, so no handy pockets, but more pockets mean more water ingress!
    I think its 20 Litres capacity.
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    seen this topic? along similar lines.
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  • I'll check that thread out, thanks.
  • Spud SonSpud Son Posts: 48
    Camelback HAWG (Holds alot of Water & Gear) ! Mine goes biking, walking, summer hols with her indoors, skiing and even comes with me on the rib when diving - sorted !

    If you are worried about keeping things completely dry, you can get dry bags in all shapes and sizes from Snow and Rock, Blacks and other such outdoor shops.
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