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Waterloo Station - Bike Parking Advice wanted

Jazz MaverickJazz Maverick Posts: 20
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Can anyone advise me on the best and safest place to park a bike all day at Waterloo Station?

Thanks in advance
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  • RufusARufusA Posts: 500
    Unless things have changed since the bank holiday weekend, parking a bike near Waterloo will be a nightmare. They are currently doing do building works near the Southbank entrance so all the cycle parking in that area has been fenced off with little warning - nice! Parking therefore has been reduced to any vaguely unmoveable street furniture - not pretty or that secure.

    There is also "secure" parking on platform 12, which always seems to be overcrowded, miles down the platform, and probably not that secure.

    I think there is some secure parking outside Evans Cycles, which might be reasonably secure and a very short walk from the station, as you'll have people in the shops and a constant stream of biking enthusiasts in and out of the shop there should hopefully be someone willing to give any scroats a clip round the ear.

    Personally I wouldn't leave a bike any length of time at Waterloo, particularly not something nice!

    YMMV - Rufus.
  • Thanks Rufus

    This is helpful if a little depressing. Although it sounds ridiculous I think I will take my bike on the train to the other end and park it there or even cycle to my meeting if I have time

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  • overmarsovermars Posts: 430
    If you put it outside Evans it will be submerged under other cyclists bikes! Went pass there not long ago and was amazed how many bikes were locked there.

    Going to the Evans store round the corner (the cut), would be much better.
  • snookssnooks Posts: 1,521
    There is also a bit of bike parking/big metal fence down on platform 19...there are a few bikes there, but I don't use it and I don't know how secure it is. But it might be worth a look :-)

    Only reason I know it's there is my train gos into platform 19 and I see bikes there :-)
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