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Anyone had any experience dealing with Atlantic-Boulevard based in Bury?

I am looking for some elusive Wearwell decals for a 50's track frame does anyone know of anyone or any information about Wearwell I have read the stuff on the net about Wolverhampton history and Wearwell.

Thanks Gary


  • yes I used them to repair a crash damaged frame and re-spray

    I would recommend them - friendly service, good price no problems
    ...its the legs that count !
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    Good what we like to hear!

    Many thanks Gary
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    I'll second Scott's recommendation. Monty Dog recommended them to me a couple of years ago and they did an excellent job on a frame of mine. The service was great too.
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    Agree - made a very nice job of my Mercian Vincitore earlier this year.
    David Jones
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    Well thanks for the responses sounds like a recommendation to me!
  • Gavin Gilbert
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    Neil gets the thumbs up from me too. He did a brilliant job on my Reg Harris, and the Rotrax and Claud are now boxed up and pending collection tomorrow for his expert attention
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    What are his prices like?
  • like everything - that depends on what you need done - give him a call
    ...its the legs that count !
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    Cheers. Will do!
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    Have previously been a customer of theirs and the repaint job on my road frame was first rate - nice high-gloss finish reminiscent of the "wet paint" look that Principia used to offer. They also managed to remove a stuck carbon seat pillar from the same frame prior to respray - intact! And yes, it was still fine when re-used.

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