nice alloy single brake lever

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like the ones you see used on the couriers bikes

I have a lovely set of track bars for my fixie and would like to use a small alloy rather than plastic, silver rather than black brake lever just to the side of the stem so the curve of the bars is not interrupted...

does anyone out there know of a good one I could consider using

many thanks
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  • peejay78
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    i'm sure diatech do one.

    i use one, but it's gold, quite the bling.

  • 2Smart
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    If you checkout the Specialised London Langster, that has bar top brakes and i have a pair spare because I didn't like these or the keirin bars it came with, and have swapped them for a standard setup.
  • odyssey.jpeg

    I found this one and have ordered a silver one...

    I lust after this...

    ...its the legs that count !