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Riding at Afan

cleric101cleric101 Posts: 188
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My girlfriend has just bought herself a Giant Rincon and now wants to come with me to Afan. The thing is she hasn't been off road before and she is worried that the Penhydd will be too technical for her. ( I agree). I would like to ridea round the Penhydd trail but miss out some of the more difficult trails and ride the fire road instead which I think she would enjoy. I don't know the area particularyl well and was wondering if someone had any suggestions for a route or map of any kind?


  • skylinerskyliner Posts: 613
    The only really technical section is Hidden Valley. You can bypass this by riding past the start of the section on the fireroad. This will bring you to the next section Sidewinder via a right turn at the junction at the end, and a short climb. You'll find it on your left.
    Everything else should be managable with a measured approach, but if she doesn't like the look of a part of the trail, it's ok to walk it.
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  • genusgenus Posts: 43
    Hi Cleric, I'm riding Afan all the time and have a few of the trails as a GPS file. Let me know if that interests you, otherwise get in touch and I'll show you around some bits you may like!

  • genus

    How about making those GPS files available at
    John Stevenson
  • genusgenus Posts: 43
    Hi John,

    I'm actually in the middle of sorting out all my photos and gps files/routes and collating them to be included on my own personal site. Once that's done, the bits that peeps want will be available from there, MTBUK or here if anybody needs them!

    I'll pop the Afan stuff up on Bikely when they are cooked though!

    Cheers mate.

  • cleric101cleric101 Posts: 188
    That would be great. ridden Afan quite a bit myself but just followed the markers. As it turned out she was fine (walked most of the top of hidden valley) and wants to go back for more! The GPS would be really useful though because not sure if she could make it the full course yet - we missed sidewinder and deadsheep gully buy using some fireroad back to the center!

    Thanks very much!
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