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tour of ireland

johnbroderickjohnbroderick Posts: 7
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just finished watching last stage of tour of ireland, whoever designed the course should be shot!10 laps of a 3 mile circuit is crazy!it was almost embarassing in the end ,especially when u see the marshals telling the main group to slow down to allow the three riders they were trying to catch to pass them.but glad to see pro cycling back in ireland after 15 about 40 drink bottles and loads of food bgs during the week.roll on next year! :P


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    Forty bottles? :o
    Did you nick em ? :wink:
  • I watched most of the highlight shows on ITV4, but the Irish commentator working with Phil just wound me up. Has the bloke ever seen a bike before? His inane rambling and snail paced delivery ruined the whole thing.

    At one point he mentioned that a particular rider was 'a member of the T-Mobile club'...."Slap him Phil, slap him hard" I thought.

    I cycle, run, and hill walk.
    Legs like Popeye, arms like Olive Oyl. (Abs like Bluto).
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    He was a bit of a plonker wasn't he.
    Not the biggest fan of Ligget normally but thought his restraint was admirable.
  • forty bottles sounds like a lot, but when u watching the race just after the feed station, there are about 100 guys throwing there empty bottles and food bags away!just my way of keeping the roadside clean. :D
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