Any advice on this would be welcome

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I'm on the hunt for info, and possibly a value on this, not sure if this is the right section for this post though.


Its a Frank Kirk Precision, I think its one of the first batches as it has a patent applied for sticker on it and the sticker also says its one out of 250 made.

105 7spd Groupset
Mavic Open 4cds

I picked it up somewhere in the region of 1990 / 1991 I used it for a couple of years and then it got stored in the garage for a good 10 years or more.

It came out again in January, after a change on tyres and tubes it gave good service for a few months and then the lug broke off for the front mech shifter.

I know thats its made out of magnesium, but I dont know alot more than that

Its been replaced now with a Van Nicholas Varder for regular use, I;'m toying with the idea of selling the Kirk, but I dont know what or if theres a market for it.

Any advice or links would be useful.



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    Knew I'd read a thread about it on the C+ forums, found in archives eventually; ... _ID=128380
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    I sold mine for £275 with wheels etc but built as a singlespeed. The frame was complete and in VGC.

    It is on Simon Hayden's Kirk dedicated site if you want to see it.
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    Imo this bike will only increase in value . I would not rush to sell it . They are not going to make any more . :wink:
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    Please let me know if you do decide to sell it. It's on my want list..
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    That's a bit of history, that is. What are they like to ride?

    Magnesium burns jolly hot. Don't let it nestle too close to your microwave :P
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