Source for 65mm to 68mm BB shell 'washer' / adapter ring

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I have a frame with a 65mm BB shell and need to fit a BB which is designed for a 68mm BB shell.

I have seen this achieved through the use of a large but very thin (3mm) washer which effectively extends the length of the BB shell on one side (usually the drive side).

Does anyone know where I can get one?

Help much appreciated as I can't finish my bike without it!


  • sometimes carries stuff like this. Also, old freewheels sometimes have a washer behind them which is the correct diametre (albeit very thin, so you may need a lot of them). Also, those cassette spacers for 7-speed shimano stuff, being plastic, should be fairly easy to modify to fit, and might be close to the right thickness. I would think you would only want a 1.5mm spacer, in any case, as there ought to be plenty of threading on the left side to cope with the narrower shell, and no use putting a washer behind the lock ring.
  • Shimano makes 2.5mm spacers for use with its external-bearing bottom brackets.

    Part number Y-1F8 13000
    John Stevenson
  • Phil Russell
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    Freewheel spacer washers will indeed fit. Try your LBS as I suspect you can get them in 1mm or 1/16 inch thickness very cheaply.

    Cheers, Phil
  • Slimtim
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    Thank you all for your suggestions. I now have a solution.

    Where is everyone by the way?