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Mudguard Help

havoc1havoc1 Posts: 2
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Hi, I have an old Cannondale Bad Boy from 2000, I think. It runs with a Pace RC-36 suspension fork. I want to get proper FULL mudguards on this puppy. It runs 26" wheels with approx 1 inch wide road tyres. I have a couple of challenges with this I was looking for some advice on.

* At the back end I have eyelets on the frame near the hub, but the seatstay is a wishbone with no threaded hole in it, and there is no hole in the tube that joins the two chainstays near the bottom bracket.

* The suspension fork has no hub eyelets and a double front and rear crown with no drillings.

How can I affix proper full mudguards to this bike? Is it possible? I really want to avoid clipon mudguards and I want to keep the suspension fork.



  • mazcpmazcp Posts: 953
    To be honest, I don't fully understand the set-up on your bike, but simplest way would be to take it down to your local bike shop and see what they say.
    As for brand of 'guard, I have full length SKS on mine and they are very good IMO.
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