creaking wheel? urgent help needed!

dave friend
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firstly i'd like thanks those who helped me with my creaking handlebars, cheers for the advice, i sorted the problem out allowing me to cycle more only to discover problems.

so, every revolution of the back wheel there is a creaking sound, sounds almost like loading then unloading rapidly. over the past few months 3 spokes have snapped and haven't been replaced, there are also several spokes which are looser than i'd would expect.

the wheels/bike is about 25 years old but the spindle is only a year old (not quick release but what looks like more of a mountain bike style, changed by a lbs as the first one had cracked) the creak started over the past week so have attempted to tighted the spokes that are loose however as they are so old they are seized up and start to twist the spoke if i twist the nut.

been trying all night to find solutions to the problem so i can go on my second club run tomorrow (one of my last chances before university) but have made no inroads. basically, am i looking in the right place for the problem? is there anyway i can fix it quickly tomorrow? will i need a new wheel within the next month?

any rough advoce would be very much appreciated, hope ive given you enough information and havn't just rambled for a while!



  • ps this happens when free wheeling as well as pedaling and only when in the saddle (it makes a quieter sound out of the saddle)
  • feno46
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    Dave ,
    I'm no bike mech,but with 3 broken spokes and some loose rusty ones there's not much you can do at this late hour .IMHO a new wheel is needed.I'm sure the experts on here will tell you.

    Dont tke to many butties and stay out of the saddle. :lol:
    Its how far !!
  • skut
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    you shouldn't be riding on a wheel with 3 broken spokes
  • Crapaud
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    What Skut says!

    With 3 broken spokes the tension on the others will be all over the place. It sounds like it's ready to collapse, probably catastrophically. Don't use it. I'm surprised that it's useable now, is it not all bent out of shape?
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