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Netherlands Tour

AcousticDaveAcousticDave Posts: 41
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I am planing a short trip to the netherlands in May of next year starting from Amsterdam.
4 days cycling about 40 miles a day. A few questions if anyone can help.

How easy is it to get out of Amsterdam on bike

What in your opinion are the best Provinces to cycle

Has anyone done a tour they could recommend

and to finish has anyone stayed at the network of Vrieden op de fiets B&B what are they like etc

Thanks in advance



  • Sorry tour will start in IJmuiden as traveling from Newcastle on DFDS Ferry
  • I've just come back from a two week tour of Holland, its an amazingly easy place to cycle. their cycle network is so far ahead of ours its not funny (I think we should give up building cycle paths now, we'll never catch up!). Out of Amsterdam there were maps every few miles that showed all the cycle paths and you can follow the map numbers. This was so useful we hardly used the map we were carrying. In all we traveled about 1000km and about 800 km of that was on top quality cycle paths.
  • jibijibi Posts: 857
    There is a long distance route very close to there:-

    Head north and cross the Afsluitdjik from Den Oever to Zurich, then follow signs for the Zuider Zee Route , it skirts the inland sea and you can then go to Lelystad and cross the Houtribdjik toward Hoom and then wend you way across the bike paths to IJmuiden.

    As you only have 4 days, it may be a bit longer than you wanted but cycling is very easy in those areas of Holland due to NO HILLS. None, but you do have to pedal all the time.

    for most of the time you will be following the signs for the one route and makes navigation simple.

  • okay thanks keep them coming
  • xiliosxilios Posts: 170
    Up North everything is about the same (except for the north sea), come down south to Maasticht for a bit more variety :D
  • Toured The Netherlands a few years ago. My rather lengthy travelogue can be found here: ... lands.html

    We used the "Friends of the Bicycle" and it's an excellent scheme. IMHO Edam, Volendam (on the shore of the Ijsselmeer), Gouda, Delft, Utrecht and around Kinderdyke are good places to visit.
  • okay thanks again for replies

    Im thinking of cycling up to the islands Texel etc anyone done this what are the ferries like
  • jc4labjc4lab Posts: 554
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    If you can go a couple of weeks earlier you will see the bulb fileds in full bloom around Keukenhof..Exceptionally photogenic..There is a bulbfield bike route which starts in Lisse nearby..also Queens day on 28/29 April in Amsterdam is brilllant, with lots of Orange and Party boats.Its also National carboot sale day so look for bargains..Kinderdiyk is the place if you want to see windmills ... index.html
  • ian_oliian_oli Posts: 763
    okay thanks again for replies

    Im thinking of cycling up to the islands Texel etc anyone done this what are the ferries like

    Accommodation can be in VERY short supply on Texel - best pre-book. Ferries from Den Helder are frequent - hourly or better in season. The other Island I have been to (Schiermonnikoog) is worth a day trip, but a stay would get a bit dull.
  • 'Vrienden op de Fiets' is absolutely worth a try. It's quite special because you stay with private people who offer a room with breakfast. It's cheap and it's the ultimate way to get to know the country from a different angel. Even in the smallest villages in the Netherlands, you will find a place to stay (there are about 3150 families). And in Belgium (Flanders) also, 200 addresses welcome you.
    It's always a kind of a surprise to find out who will open the door after you made a reservation : a student, a really old grandmother, a farmer, an artist, a young couple, ....

    Have a look at > English version for more details.

    Ghent - belgium
    60 bicycle trails along Belgian canals, rivers and former railway tracks :
  • DazzTDazzT Posts: 2
    We are just back (16th Sept) from 2 weeks in Holland, Ferry from Newcastle to IJmuiden , then followeed the LFL1 north to Den Helder and over to Texel,. then island hopped through Vlieland to Terschelling, before back to the mainland at Harlingen.
    The islands are superb, probably a day on each is sufficient (Texel a bit more), but you are then dictated by the ferry to Vlieland (late afternoon crossing only, and have to book)
    To Terschelling you can not use the fast cat, and again one or two per day.

    Try having a look on

    This couple seem to have covered all the answers to all the questions on their superb site.

    But in general Holland is great for touring, plenty of camp sites, nice people, and if all else fails speak English!
  • Excellent virtually the same trip i have planned,Thanks for reply DazzT

    I have sent you a private message hope you dont mind.
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