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August Critical Mass (London)

Tourist TonyTourist Tony Posts: 8,628
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By the National Film Theatre under Waterloo Bridge, 1830 for 1900 start, Friday August 29th. Some of us will also be celebrating PBP success.

But not me.....
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  • RedGTRedGT Posts: 238
    Friday 31st August, shall be there. :wink:
  • The BIG GTThe BIG GT Posts: 655
    I'll be there too, just getting ready to set off now! If you read this, I'll be in a red Gill jersey on a rigid, red Diamondback Topanga with all the commuting gear on it!!

    Say 'Hi!', I won't bite! :)

    Yes, I know it should be 'FEWER' cars but that is [email protected] as a chant!
    Now living happily at !!
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 23,210
    would love to but went home home

    missed all of em now dammit!
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