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Feeling ill after riding

TheNomadTheNomad Posts: 45
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Not been doing anything different since I started riding last summer - barring buying a new bike last weekend. I have checked the geometry and ride heights etc on the new bike compared to the old one, but in the past week since I have felt really ill after riding. I am not dehydrating or pushing myself too hard at all as I am barely sweating, muscles not aching and drinking plenty of water along with Lucozade Sport. Eating habits are still the same. The food I have been eating is fine as the rest of the family have been eating the same food, and not suffered any problems. On the day that I didn't do any riding this week I was fine, yet the following day, I was blowing chunks all night long again.

Any one else suffer similar?


  • I would guess that you're just ill, and the timing is coincidental. However, I'm just a newb.
  • john74john74 Posts: 254
    ive been riding a while but sometimes if i overdo it i feel like i have flu for the rest of the day. but i think you are ill and just a coincidence as mentioned above.
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  • TheNomadTheNomad Posts: 45
    Thanks, just seemed very strange that the day I didn't go out on the bike, I was fine, but the next day I was out on it, I was up again all night praying to the Porcelain God. Not going out on the bike today, due to feeling ill still, so will see tomorrow if it is th ebike or not as going ot go out on the old bike instead.
  • HJ1976HJ1976 Posts: 205
    hydration pouch need cleaning properly?
  • TheNomadTheNomad Posts: 45
    Don't use a hydration pouch. Rely on a couple of water bottles that are cleaned after every trip. I am starting to feel a bit better now, but I haven't been out on the bike today. SHould hopefully figure it out soon.
  • TheNomadTheNomad Posts: 45
    Figured it out! Not the bike, but the change in energy drink that I was drinking. I decided to give the Lucozade Sport Caffiene a go during the week and there is something in it that doesn't agree with me as I had a bottle today and felt ill an hour later without riding on any bike.
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